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LG Innotek Releases Driver on Board LED Module for Lighting Applications

2016-03-11 10:00:21 Seamount Technology Company Limited Read

LG Innotek, a leading global materials and components manufacturer, today announced that the company succeeded in developing a DOB (Driver on Board) LED module whose con-venience and performance have sharply improved.

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LG Innotek's 9W DOB LED.

The DOB LED module integrated the switched mode power supply (SMPS) on its board. So you can use simply this module for indoor lighting. Further, it can implement the function of dimming, and even reduce flicker.

The early stage of AC Direct modules integrated a current-controlling driver IC in the module which controls the current and voltage, but it has difficulty of the detailed and stable power source management.

DOB LED module has very low flicker. Flicker percent is 20% or less at all dimming range, which is about 60% lower than AC Direct module.

This product also provides efficacy of 140lm/W, the best performance in 9W category (CRI is above 80), which is 30% higher than AC Direct module.

The LED industry believed that, if the SMPS is integrated into the LED module, the heat from the LED chip and the SMPS would be transferred to the whole module, reducing the stability and efficiency of the lighting and decreasing its lifespan.

LG Innotek, however, developed its proprietary circuit design technology and heat-sink de-sign to improve product performance and lifespan up to 50,000 hours.

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