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LG Electronics Launches Smart LED High Bay Lights in U.S.

2016-04-16 09:42:20 Seamount Technology Company Limited Read

LG Electronics USA  is introducing its new energy-efficient, round and IP65-rated LED high bay with wireless communications, designed for easy installation thanks to its advanced wireless grouping technology and light weight.

Similar to LG's existing Simple Choice high bay lighting, this new performance model allows for efficient set-up through the use of a mobile application (available on Android devices) to group and ungroup fixtures at the touch of a button. In addition to managing grouped fixtures, this also provides the opportunity to customize light levels, allowing for greater energy savings and flexibility in fixture management. The fixtures feature an integrated daylight and occupancy sensor with three levels of system integration, including stand-alone, group control and third-party wireless controls using the ZigBee® open standard protocol. This minimizes concerns over the flexibility required to create a network of high bays that work together within a lighting control system.

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LG Electronics USA has launched intelligent round LED high bay lights.

LG's round, IP65-rated high bay is a performance model within the company's broader high bay line-up and is ideal for installations in food processing facilities and gymnasiums. It is appropriate for each environment, respectively, because it can be washed by power hose and high durability thanks to its polycarbonate lenses. The fixture is also lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds, allowing for easier installation. Meanwhile, LG's Simple Choice high bay remains a lower-cost option, ideal for industrial warehouses and factories.

"The expansion of our high bay line-up is supported by LG's core capability of providing the most advanced and efficient LED lighting solutions on the market," said Sean Lafferty, head of LG's U.S. LED lighting business. "Based on the positive feedback received from customers, our newly expanded high bay offerings will be fierce competitors in the marketplace, providing retrofitters with competitively priced fixtures that offer a high degree of wireless control."

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Seen up close LG Electronics USA control module that allows the lights to be controlled wirelessly.

To promote ease of third-party systems integration, LG's new high bays are being certified for compatibility with the Daintree Networks'® industry-leading ControlScope® enterprise controls platform, which uses the open ZigBee wireless communication standard.

"We look forward to adding LG's new performance high bays to the existing line-up of LG LED fixtures that are certified by Daintree, so customers can leverage our controls for energy and operational efficiencies, as well as a platform for the Enterprise Internet of Things™ (E-IoT™)," said Derek Proudian, Chairman & CEO of Daintree Networks, Inc. "With LG and Daintree, users can be confident that their buildings are not only smart but future proof as they expand the number of fixtures, devices and sensors they manage in their facilities."

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