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EVERLIGHT Penetrates European Market with High Cost-Performance LED Components

2016-03-25 10:18:07 Seamount Technology Company Limited Read

Leading Taiwanese LED manufacturer EVERLIGHT displayed its LED component for lighting product portfolio at the biannual Light+Building 2016 that runs from March 13-16, at Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Center in Germany. EVERLIGHT representatives at the show Ewing Liu, Head of Lighting Product Development and Dr. Christopher Keusch, the company’s Europe branch Senior Technical Sales Manager of EMEA spoke to LEDinside about LED lighting market developments in Europe.

The company’s products highlighted at the largest lighting event in Europe are targeting two main application markets: professional lighting and consumer lighting markets. Since European manufacturers’ value light quality and favor products with high luminous efficiency, about 50% to 60% European lighting manufacturers prefer using 5630 LED series products, said Dr. Keusch. User habits have been the determining factor in manufacturers LED usage decisions.

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Ewing Liu, Head of Lighting Product Development, Everlight. 

To meet these market demands, EVERLIGHT especially designed the 5630 KK6D-ELB LEDs series products that have a luminous efficiency of 205 lm/W, lumen output of 34-36 lm, maximum driving current of 65 mA, and voltage range of 2.8-2.9 V. Moreover, the product’s color temperature binning is within 3-step of the MacAdam ellipse. The company will also be adding the industry’s most efficient 5630 LED to its 5630 HE KK7D-ELB series during second quarter of 2016, which will be able to achieve a luminous efficiency of 220 lm/W, stressed Ewing. These new products are aimed at satisfying clients with demanding luminous efficiency standards. Currently, the LED is suitable for linear lighting, panel lights, and even low and high bay lights.

EVERLIGHT has launched the Shwo F-ELB (1-5W) to fulfill client demands for streetlights, spot lights and other lighting applications. This Shwo F-ELB (1-5W) series is a ceramic substrate-based high power flip chip LED product, which possesses high reliability and high luminous flux. For certain price sensitive clients, EVERLIGHT has released EMC series products from XI3030(1W) LED to XI9595(8W).

The XI 9595 LED is specially designed to replace 10W COB product applications. Basically, Japanese manufacturer Citizen has monopolized the COB market in Europe, hence EVERLIGHT hopes to use high cost-performance EMC LED products as a stepping stone to enter the local market. However, Liu noted EMC leadframes still have certain material limitations, while SMC leadframes remain very costly, therefore the company has been developing next generation PCT leadframes, which are highly reliable, and possess certain cost advantages. The new generation product PCT leadframe, which can also be used in flip chip LEDs will be launched sometime this year.

Responding to client demands in the consumer lighting product sector, including LED bulbs and tube lights, EVERLIGHT launched new 0.2W and 0.5W 2835 LED products. Even though 2835 LED product prices have reached an all-time low in the Chinese market, European clients are less familiar with these product specs. Hence, EVERLIGHT is hoping to use high cost-performance 2835-ELB LEDs to break into the European market, Liu stressed even though EVERLIGHT’s products have a higher retail price compared to Chinese competitors, their strength has been striving an equilibrium between product quality and price. Hence, the company’s strategy in 2016 will be deploying high cost-performance products to enter lighting brands or OEMs supply chain.

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