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New Zealand City to Roll out LED Streetlight Retrofit Project

2016-03-24 11:00:50 Seamount Technology Company Limited Read

Gisborne Council in New Zealand announced it will replace over 950 old high pressure sodium street lights with upgrades to new LED power-saving lighting in the district over the next three years.

“More than 300 LED streetlights are being installed in 13 rural townships including Matawai, Motu, Ruatoria, Patutahi between 14 March and 27 May,” says Tairāwhiti Roads general manager Dave Hadfield.

Work to install the new lights starts this week in the district’s townships. Replacements in Te Karaka with the township upgrade and city center with repainting of street poles has also begun.

Hadfield says contractors will be replacing the 70–250watt high pressure sodium lights with 27–100watt LED luminaires. 

“Savings from this program will be in excess of NZ $20,000 (US $ 13,697) a year on both combined electricity and less maintenance required for repair and replacements, over a longer life as the lights will last a minimum of ten years.

We’re one of many councils in New Zealand who are changing to LED streetlights, and one of the first regions to adopt a ‘whole town by town’ approach’.” 

The new improvements will produce clearer more efficient light, providing higher road definition of things like road markings, pedestrians and vehicles, and will also provide significant ongoing savings in power use.

LED streetlights also have the benefit of reduced light pollution such as spill light, glare and sky glow which brightens the natural night sky.  

“Replacing old fashioned lighting with new LED has a number of benefits both environmental and financial,” says Hadfield.  

Council has taken the lead on implementing a savings based rollout plan enabling maximum financial benefit back to Council and residents.   

Local contractors Electrinet will be installing the lights during the day. There are no required power outages for the new lights to be installed.

Traffic management will be in place to avoid disturbances for both pedestrian and road users. 

Currently there are 3,829 council-owned lighting assets in Tairāwhiti.

The cost of replacements this year is NZ $300,000 which is 61% subsidised by Transport Agency funding.

LED street lighting benefits can already be seen in many regions throughout New Zealand. 

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